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Haven Shellfish is a family business started in 1984,

in Oysterhaven, Co. Cork, Ireland.

The Oysterhaven waters, where our oysters grow have the great fortune of being shallow and pure, perfectly suited to oyster culture. Haven Shellfish  has combined years of experience to create a state of the art Oyster farm. From the moment our oysters are Seeded, we nurture the growing shellfish; protect them from predators, and work to ensure the water remains clean and clear. This means we can guarantee the quality of our shellfish with confidence and pride.

Quality may be defined as delighting the customer therefore it is important to establish what your customer requires before supplying them with oysters.

Producing and preparing oysters that meet customer requirement will generate customer loyalty, allow the customers to obtain the best possible price and improve the reputation of Irish oysters in the market place.

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